RKC Gauntlet 2 (6-20-15)  

Tha Program Pits/Remyline Tha Program would like to thank you for visiting our website. We’re a small family owned american bully/pit bull kennel located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Were the only Remyline Kennel in Louisiana and the #1 rated Remyline Kennel in the South. We have one of Remy’s best sons named Phantom. The title was given to Phantom by Fabian himself. Tha Program pits is proud to say that we are Remyline. We breed for the highest quality American Pitbull Tarrier. We are an experience New Orleans pit bull kennel.

We breed a new style of Pit/Bully which is a Pit Bully. What is a Pit Bully? I’m glad you ask. The term Pit Bully is a term we use in Remyline to describe our dogs. A Pit Bully is a dog that has the intensity, drive & athleticism of a pit with the girth of a bully

We have a special vision here at Tha Program pits pit bull kennel and that vision is to breed the highest quality pit bull/American bully any kennel has to offer. As an experience pitbull breeder in New Orleans we commit hours and hours of extensive research to develop and maintain our pit bulls/ American bully at a higher standard than most kennels. We strive for excellence in everything we do, weather its selling our American bully/pit bull puppies, stud services, or just giving advice.

We take pride in fulfilling our customer’s needs. If you're in the market for Red nose American bully/pitbull puppy, Black nose American bully/pit bull puppy, Blue nose American bully/pitbull puppy, or a tri color American bully/pit bull puppy for sale, you will find the best quality puppy you can find in Louisiana or anywhere in the world. 

You can rest assure that if you purchase a pit bull from Tha Program Pits you will not only get a quality pitbull, but you will also get a lifelong friend. All of our pit bulls are socialized and are treated with love and care from the day they are born. We can ship your American bully/pitbull puppy for you via air travel or ground. Your American bully/pit bull puppy will be ship from New Orleans airport.

All of our pitbull are Purple Ribbon pit bulls and bullies. We only breed our pit bull for championship quality. We have blue pitbull puppies, bullies, tri colored pit bull puppies, red nose, blue nose, American pit bulls, and bullies for sale. We also have fresh chilled semen available.

Here at Tha Program Pits we are dedicated to breeding for bone, head, and mass structure. All of our pit bull are brought up with great temperament to help maintain this great breed.

We Incorporate Remyline in all of our breeding’s along with other top bloodlines such as Razor edge, Gotti line, G2 and many more to develop the premium pit bull. We are proud to announce that we are one of the top 10 pitbull kennels in Louisiana.

We are proud to announce we now have custom spike dog collars, dog leads and dog apparel for sale. Our collars are made with the best leather money can buy. All of our collars are double ply. Our custom dog collars are of the highest quality with affordable prices. We take pride in giving our customer the best custom dog collar at the lowest price. If you don’t see a collar you like contact us so that we can try and make the collar of your dream. We are located in New Orleans, LA

We also have contract that you can use and tweak them as you see fit. Stud Contract





Chloe took (2) 1st place 2-3 Standard female and Reserved Best Female at the Louisiana Bully Expo.


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This is how we travel with our bullies. We have a custom made 6 passanger dog tralier. Each compartment gives each dog enough room for them to lay, sit, stand and move around.

dog trailor

ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE Remyline Certified and UKC registered

Certified New Orleans Pitbull Kennel


Owner Of Tha Program Pits

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P.O. Box 29169

New Orleans, LA 70189

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